Saturday, May 21, 2011

one night, two bands and a hell of a good time.
why don't i do this more often? this is constantly happening in melbourne.
no more of this 'going to grotty clubs to dance'.

Screen shot 2011-05-21 at 10.41.51 AM
Screen shot 2011-05-21 at 10.42.30 AM
Screen shot 2011-05-21 at 10.49.00 AM
Screen shot 2011-05-21 at 10.50.10 AM


S. said...

Sounds like a good idea :)

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tayla said...

you take beautiful photo's, i've been visiting your blog every now and then for a couple of years now. i'm thinking of studying photography, would you be able to tell me whether you are liking the degree or not? xoxo

Tiziana said...

beautiful photos! ciao ciao