Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I have returned from a little town 5hrs north of melbourne called wagga wagga.
My friend michael, (featured in all the below photos) owns a house and a farm in the little town.
A weekend full of;
- climbing through train tracks to sit beside a speeding train as it goes by
- 4 wheel drunk biking
- falling off those bikes
- liters of red wine
- petrol on fires
- flying little planes (!!!!!!!!!)
wagga_15 wagga_14 wagga_13 wagga_12 wagga_11 wagga_8 wagga_16


Lieselotte said...

these pictures are so lovely!
i like them a lot!


allison staton said...

very nice. i love that bright yellow and that epic reflection!

Kim W. said...

woah!! looks at all those yellow flowers!! how amazing to see that in the flesh! did al the brightness hurt ur eyes?? :) xkim

Linda Pochinda said...

great pictures!