Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've been home for the summer for the past couple of weeks and haven't had much contact with a computer to be able to update there.
But here is just a photo dump of what I've been up to lately.
Nothing too fascinating.
Enjoy! recent_13 recent_12 SOPHOLEL recent_7 recent_6 recent_5 recent_3 recent_4 recent_2 recent_1 recent Another series of christmas photos soon to come. In case you missed it here are the ones from last year.


ella said...

i love the yellow boogie board image, so striking!

Ryan said...

I love your photos so much! Inspiring!

d.grima said...

you're photography is miiint. little boy twirling the fire,, so good.

Ola. said...

thanks guys!
way too kind.