Sunday, August 23, 2009


A road trip to murwillumbah and a Friday night well spent with great people.


rosie said...

i like the first photo a lot
the field makes a really interesting backdrop.

Devashish Rao said...

hey nice blog about photography ! would like to post some photographs on U r blog !

If U could follow me on Devashish it would be nice.

L Dizzle said...

Whilst youre alright with your camera you need to ditch this lame self conscious expressionism thing that you have going.
Its really overdone and cliche. If you want to try and do something like that you should try exploring some different compositional techniques or at very least use less cliche subjects.
I find that your use of depth in particular is your biggest killer. It ultimately makes your subjects relatable and self conscious, which, considering you use this alone as an end which you don't seem to expand upon, makes your work seem far too consumable and hollywood.

You do know your camera reasonably well though so stick at the craft.